Leaf-Shaped Thermometer Changes Color With Temperature

Leaf-Shaped Thermometer Changes Color With Temperature
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Hideyuki Kumagai's design is made of paper that turns green if it's warm, yellow if it's hot, and brown if it's cold.

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 july 2012

Japanese designer Hideyuki Kumagai has created a paper, leaf-shaped thermometer that changes color depending on the temperature. The ‘Leaf‘ stays a natural green color if it’s warm, turns brown if it gets cold, and turns yellow if it becomes hot.

Thermometer Is A Leaf That Changes Color With Temperature

The nature-mimicking device also has a small seal on the back so you can attach it to surfaces or objects in your home or office. The thermometer is available in either a pack of five large leaves (2.6 x 6.6″) or eight smaller ones (1.7 x 4.4″) for $36.

Leaf thermometer

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