Could You Live Off Craigslist Ads For 30 Days? [Video]

Could You Live Off Craigslist Ads For 30 Days? [Video]

A documentary captures the adventures of a man as he survives solely on the support of the online community.

Alice Chan
  • 6 july 2012

Craigslist Joe is a documentary produced by Zach Galifianakis that follows 29-year-old Joe Garner as he travels across the country with nothing but a laptop. Relying solely on Craigslist, Garner will seek and barter for food, lodging, and transportation. This month-long social experiment took place in December of 2009, with a camera crew documenting every step of the way. Garner says in the trailer  released earlier this week:

I’m going to live entirely off of Craigslist… to see if I can survive — eat, find shelter, find showers — and try to travel America and see if I can find a community out there.

From transportation to food, from shelter to companionship, Garner depended on the generosity of people who had never seen him and whose sole connection to him was a giant virtual swap meet. The documentary will be in theaters nationwide on August 2nd. Check out the trailer below.

Craigslist Joe

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