‘Living Wall’ Changes With Heat To Mimic The Seasons

‘Living Wall’ Changes With Heat To Mimic The Seasons

A unique interior concept channels the changing of the seasons through interactive, heat-sensitive leaf prints.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 18 july 2012

Technology that keep us entertained yet constantly indoors may cause people to miss certain natural nuances of the outdoor experience, such as the changing of the seasons, that should not be missed. To this end, design firm Neffa, has created an interior concept that offers a unique sense of interaction with the elements.

Neffa’s “Living Wall” mimics the transformation of leaves during the change of seasons through a special thermo-chrome ink that reacts to heat. The concept showcases leaf patterns that change colors depending on the room temperature: when the heating system is turned on, for instance, the leaf patterns turn into shades of orange and red, thereby channeling an air of autumn. Once the heating system is turned off in warm conditions, the original neutral leaf prints surface.

Images by Neffa


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