Artist Makes A London Double Decker Bus Do Pushups

Artist Makes A London Double Decker Bus Do Pushups
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Artist transforms a classic icon of British culture into a mechanical athlete, just in time for the Olympics.

Plus Aziz
  • 24 july 2012


Whimsical Czech artist David Cerny has put a twist on one of London’s most classic icons; he’s taken a 6-ton double-decker bus and remodeled it by adding arms to it so it can do push-ups. The work is titled “London Boosted.” The push-up gesture is accompanied by audio recordings of people grunting and video projections on the bus windows.

The artist sees push-ups as a universal exercise that all athletes do. The irony and double-meaning is that push-ups are also used as punishment in other non-exercising contexts, like prisons or in the army. Cerny hopes to see his installation doing push-ups for the entire 3-week stretch of the olympics. Watch the video below to see his sculpture in action:

David Cerny

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