Can enlisting celebrities for "The Best Internet You Ever Had" promotional video, help Airtime succeed?

Airtime, a social video chat service founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning revealed a new ad entitled, “The Best Internet You Ever Had.” The startup recently launched in June with an extravagant parade of stars and $33.5 million in funding. The promotional video features celebrity cameos from everyone from Kurt Russell to MC Hammer and Internet celeb Gary Vaynerchuck, to help act as the spokespeople to explain the ‘revolutionary' product.

Buckley Rivington, Airtime's fictional spokesman, uses his witty personality to show how the peer-to-peer video service connects friends on Facebook and strangers based on similar interests. Portal A, a San Francisco based creative studio specializing in viral content, produced the video ad for Airtime. The studio has also produced content for Live Strong, the San Francisco Giants, and Banana Republic.

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