Robots Fold Metal Like Origami To Build This Custom Bentley

Robots Fold Metal Like Origami To Build This Custom Bentley

The ‘Tailor Made’ vehicle is a concept design created by robots taking pieces of aluminum and folding them into the desired shape.

Emma Hutchings
  • 4 july 2012

Vehicle design student Kyungeun Ko developed this concept car for her final year project at the Royal College of Art in London. Ko made paper designs for the ‘Tailor Made’ Bentley, which were then created using Robofold technology. The car body panels were built by folding sheets of aluminum with robots. This provides a simple, sustainable, and low cost maunfacturing system for bespoke luxury cars. Ko writes:

I was inspired by the simplicity and possibility of origami in the field of craft. ‘Robo-folding’ is a technology that folds metal like paper. This technology enables metal products with low energy and minimal facility. Also, it creates beautiful surfaces with the quality of a flat sheet. ‘Robo-folding’ is an efficient and sustainable method, especially for small-batch production. I propose a new way of producing beautiful luxury vehicles and a new design language as a result.

You can click through to see pictures of Ko’s design and watch a video about the concept and process below:

Kyungeun Ko

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