Mug Reheats Coffee Without Using Electricity [Pics]

Mug Reheats Coffee Without Using Electricity [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Cup uses sodium solution to keep beverages warm for longer.

Yi Chen
  • 5 july 2012

Having to reheat your hot beverage once it has become cold, is not only inconvenient, but also not very energy efficient. Designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi has created the Burning Cup that will keep your coffee or hot chocolate warm from the first to last sip without using any electricity.

The mug contains a solution of sodium acetate, which is a solid form when cold and a liquid form when heated. The hot beverage heats up the chemical compound, and as it cools down, users can press the two buttons on the mug to activate the sodium acetate to warm up the mug again.

Sodium acetate is salt made up of acetic acid and natrium. The solution is currently used in household heat packs to treat temporary pains and aches.

Click through the images in the gallery below for a closer look at the innovative mug.

Ryan Jongwoo Choi

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