Reinterpreting Network Communication As Easy-To-Understand Updates [Video]

Reinterpreting Network Communication As Easy-To-Understand Updates [Video]

'Words of a middle man' uses a wireless router to analyze activity between people, devices and servers, and translates it into layman's language.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 july 2012

Words of a middle man‘ is a project by Christoph Steinlehner, Lino Teuteberg and Jeremias Volker from the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany. It includes a wireless router, a Kindle display, and a program that analyzes the communication on its network and reinterprets it into natural language for users.

A wall-mounted device displays short updates like “Michael’s Dropbox checks for updates in the cloud” or “Paul is watching Nyan Cat on YouTube,” shedding light on activity and human-computer dialogues. The device translates the communication between connected people, devices, and servers so it is easier to understand. You can check out the project video below:

Words of a middle man

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