Café Only Serves Filtered New York City Tap Water

Café Only Serves Filtered New York City Tap Water

Molecule café in NYC's East Village had only one item on its menu: H2O.

Kyana Gordon
  • 19 july 2012

Don’t expect soy lattes to be sipped at this newly opened café in New York’s East Village. Selling filtered tap water for $2.50 a bottle, the owners of Molecule Café say their water is relieved of chlorine, fluoride and compound metals with the help of an 8-foot, seven-step, $25,000 machine that incorporates ozone treatments, ultraviolet rays, and reverse osmosis. Co-owner, Adam Ruhf explains: “It’s about treating water a little more consciously, mindfully and respectfully. This is like a water store 2.0.”

The store is also planning to sell its gallons for in-home use, as well as offering passersby with an option to add vitamin supplements to their H2O. The suggested vitamin and supplements menu may help with “night vision” and “strong bones” among other body fortifying attributes. If that’s not enough, Ruhf told the Wall Street Journal he plans to “counteract critics with a weekly naming ceremony to imbue its water with personality and Sunday blessings involving religious figures from all faiths, including Tibetan monks and pagan worshipers.” For those really not pleased with what Brita offers, Molecule is your answer.

See more images of the café below.

Photo Credit: DNAinfo/Serena Solomon

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