Parking Lot During The Day Converts To A House By Night [Video]

Parking Lot During The Day Converts To A House By Night [Video]
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A home that doubles as a garage helps utilize urban spaces.

Yi Chen
  • 25 july 2012

With the increasing number of people and vehicles in urban areas, it’s becoming even more essential to provide living space that can accommodate that growth. San Francisco-based designer, Aaron Cheng, has come up with an innovative solution that combines a house with a parking lot. His concept, Parking + Housing, is one of the submissions to this year’s James Dyson Awards.

Cheng demonstrates how a building can double as a parking garage during the day, and convert back into a residential home by night. The structure includes compact sections that can be expanded and compressed with the help pneumatics. Watch the video below to see how Cheng’s idea utilizes the space that is often empty for half of the day.

Aaron Cheng

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