Bike Lets Riders Pedal With Both Their Arms And Legs

Bike Lets Riders Pedal With Both Their Arms And Legs

To relieve some leg strain while biking, the Raxibo allows you to run your bike using all four limbs.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 9 july 2012

Over the course of a few hours of nonstop biking, your legs will take a toll and stiffen due to lactic acid buildup, causing great discomfort throughout your bike journey. To distribute the stress to other parts of the body, sports scientists have unveiled the Raxibo Hand-Tret-Velo system, which allows your arms to assist in cycling. Raxibo is composed of a bicycle with an arm-powered drivetrain that works together with the traditional pedal system. This system allows arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles to be involved in moving the bike forward.

Check out more images of Raxibo in the gallery below:

Images by Gizmag

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