Pop Up Cinema Appears In A Public Staircase

Pop Up Cinema Appears In A Public Staircase
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The public art project marries small-scale architecture with community building.

Plus Aziz
  • 18 july 2012

OH.NO.SUMO is a design collective that developed Stairway Cinema, a pop-up cinema space. The concept is meant to distract pedestrians from the ultimate distractor: their mobile devices. The designers intentionally set up the installation in a waiting space, as these locations are often vacuous spaces where no social interaction takes place.

Stairway Cinema is a communal and spontaneous experience located nearby two university campuses in Auckland, New Zealand. The installation is intended for the screening of short online features, which get projected on a small, flat surface. People that drop-by can sit on the cushioned steps and enjoy a few high-quality videos and get some conversation going as they wait for their laundry or the local bus.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the pop-up cinema.



Images Copyright Simon Devitt

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