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Color Blind Artist ‘Sees’ Shades As Sound Through Surgically Implanted Device

Colorblind artist, Neil Harbisson, developed a device he calls an “eyeborg” that rests on the front of his forehead and uses a single sensor to to turn colors directly in front of him into sounds based on a correlation of frequencies and wavelengths. Mr. Harbisson, who was born with a rare condition that limits his color perception to black and white, is planning to have an operation in September that will permanently connect his eyeborg listening device to his skull. Currently, the device is pressed to the base of his head with extremely high pressure so as to allow the sounds to reverberate along his skull to his eardrums, making headphones unnecessary. His upcoming surgery will connect the eyeborg to his body through three screws in his skull and will take his body about two months for the bone to heal around the implant.

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