Starbucks New Eco-Sleeves Will Save 100,000 Trees

Starbucks New Eco-Sleeves Will Save 100,000 Trees
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Coffee retailer embraces EarthSleeve to minimize waste and enhance their products' tactile experience.

Plus Aziz
  • 26 july 2012

Starbucks’ new Earthsleeve is a coffee cup sleeve that uses less overall material and a greater percentage of recycled material. With a hefty market share in the US, this manufacturing change has the potential to have an impact on the environment as over 3 billion cup sleeves are produced domestically by the coffee brand each year.

This goes to show that even a small design change can make a big difference for the environment, especially for top brands. In this case, the decision to partner with LBP Manufacturing and Henkel is aligned with Starbucks’ own mission to push the envelope of sustainability practice for corporations.

The sleeves will be undergo a test run in North America with the likelihood of spreading to other parts of the world.


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