How Do We Stop Technology From Making Criminals Smarter? [Video]

How Do We Stop Technology From Making Criminals Smarter? [Video]

At TEDGlobal, Marc Goodman argued that technology is scaling for both good and bad and we have to know how to defend ourselves.

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  • 18 july 2012

Founder of Future Crimes, Marc Goodman speaks to the potential harmful effects of technology, as opposed to the train of thought that technology empowers individuals. Putting technological innovation in a new light, could what helps one person hurt another in criminal hands? It’s entirely plausible that technology is scaling both for ‘good and evil.’

Marc concludes by making the argument that we need to improve defense systems by opening them to the public, citing innovative platforms like Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and how Mexican citizens are crowdmapping the activities of drug dealers.

Watch the compelling video below:

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