Researchers Create Thin Transparent Screen On A Soap Bubble [Video]

Researchers Create Thin Transparent Screen On A Soap Bubble [Video]

The super thin display can be controlled by ultrasonic waves to show flat and 3D images.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 july 2012

A team of researchers led by Yoichi Ochiai from the University of Tokyo have developed an ultra thin and flexible screen that can display vivid images. By mixing two colloidal liquids, they created a soap bubble with a micro membrane surface that can be controlled using ultrasonic waves. The augmented bubble is more difficult to burst than normal, and objects can pierce or pass through it without destroying it.

The ultrasonic waves can change its transparency and surface state, displaying sharp and vivid images on the world’s thinnest transparent screen. Multiple displays used together can produce 3D effects and holographic projections. Check out the video overview below to learn more:

Colloidal Display

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