Watch Face Changes Design When Touched [Pics]

Watch Face Changes Design When Touched [Pics]
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The Touch Skin Watch concept features various modes and skins, which can be accessed by pressing the screen.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 july 2012

Designer Niels Astrup’s Touch Skin Watch concept “combines tradition and transcendence via classic minimalist analogue watch design.” The touch-sensitive and customizable digital accessory has a range of built-in skins and more can be downloaded via Bluetooth or designed using an app.

There are different modes, which can be accessed by simply touching the watch. For battery saving efficiency the watch is usually in idle mode, and by pressing the screen gently with one finger, the watch switches between idle mode and normal mode for three seconds. Pressing the screen gently with two fingers causes the watch to switch to date mode for three seconds. By pressing the screen with three fingers, the user can switch between the different skins installed on the watch.

The Touch Skin Watch is radio controlled so there is no need to adjust the time, and the gift box acts as a wireless charger. When the watch is placed on top, the magnetic lock in the wristband automatically snaps to the box and the watch starts charging.
Click through to see pictures of the concept design:

Touch Skin Watch

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