Turn Your TV Into A Giant Tablet With This Portable Gadget

Turn Your TV Into A Giant Tablet With This Portable Gadget

New tech startup creates portable micro-computer that can transform any television set into a smart, connected one - featuring gaming, apps, and more.

Alice Chan
  • 3 july 2012

Pocket TV is a Kickstarter-funded gadget that can convert any television set into a Smart TV. This small pocket-sized dongle that connects to the HDMI port of any regular TV and runs Android 4.0 on any TV, turning it into a mega-sized tablet. Users can download apps from the Google Play Store to stream videos, play games, connect with friends on Facebook, catch up on news, make video calls or simply surf the web. The best part of Pocket TV is its ultra-portability. Users can receive all the benefits of a smartphone with the ability to display it on a much bigger screen.

A Standard IR Remote is shipped with every Pocket TV, which uses infrared signals and gives users the ability to control the Pocket TV using up/down/side arrows and several buttons. For an upgrade, the Pocket TV is also compatible with an Air Remote, which features a gyroscopic sensor that can control the Pocket TV just by moving it around – more like a Wii controller). Created by Dubai-based company Infinitec, the new technology has already reached more than three times its desired funding and will start production this month. Watch below for a hands-on video with the Pocket TV.

Pocket TV


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