Graffitied Wine Bottle Comes Inside A Spray Paint Can

Graffitied Wine Bottle Comes Inside A Spray Paint Can

Australian vineyard commissions street artist Beastman to update their image with bold branding and edgy design and packaging.

Yi Chen
  • 31 july 2012

Longview Vineyard from Adelaide Hills in South Australia, has always set its brand apart from other traditional wine labels with its bold branding.Recently, Longview released its ‘The Piece’ Shiraz in a limited edition bottle and packaging. The bottle features artwork by Sydney-based street artist, Beastman, and is complete with dripping paint and a graffitied ‘Hello My Name Is’ sticker. The Shiraz also comes in a unique packaging that resembles a large spray can, where the drinker can pop open the lid the reveal the bottle.

Beastman was  selected to have his design showcased on the bottle as part of Longview’s annual event. Each year, the wine brand hosts the ‘Krush Klinic’ event that combines food, and wine, with leading Australian artists. Throughout the day, the artists interpret the vineyard on a canvas, depicting the guests eating, drinking and dancing.


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