LG Creates 3D Cities Out Of Fans’ Facebook Newsfeeds

LG Creates 3D Cities Out Of Fans’ Facebook Newsfeeds

New experimental platform 'LG 3D Studio' uses the social network's data to create a mock urban plan by translating posts in to 3d "stacks" or "buildings."

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 august 2012

LG and creative agency Perfect Fools have created the ‘LG 3D Studio’ for the company’s ‘Life is better in 3D’ campaign. This experimental platform has been set up to explore new possibilities of the 3D experience. Its first creation is the 3D Newsfeed, which lets you see your Facebook updates in 3D.

LG Creates 3D Depiction Of Fans’ Facebook Feeds

Every element of Facebook’s regular newsfeed was experimented with, including how the posts are displayed, navigation, depth, movement, colours, liking and representing content on screen. It transforms your posts into dynamic stacks, turning your ‘wall’ into ‘buildings’, with likes and comments setting the width and height of each stack. The app can be viewed on a 2D screen but is said to be best experienced on a LG 3D TV. You can get a closer look at the 3D Newsfeed in the video below:

LG 3D Newsfeed


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