Album Soundwaves Translated Into 3D Printed Landscapes

Album Soundwaves Translated Into 3D Printed Landscapes

Music becomes tangible in this project by Mexico-based studio Realitat.

Plus Aziz
  • 27 august 2012

‘Microsonic Landscapes’ by Realitat visualizes the soundwaves of music album as 3D printed landscapes.

The landscapes (made at Makerbot) are an ‘algorithmic exploration of music’ and a physical manifestation of an album’s unique sound properties. Sound patterns are translated into an algorithm and then printed on top of the album to represent the ‘spatial’ aspect of the music. The concept of generating visuals based on an input is not an entirely novel one, but we love how Realitat’s generative art manages to add a visual dynamic to music to fully engage fans and listeners.

Realitat describes the ‘Microsonic Landscapes’ project:

Each album’s soundwave proposes a new spatial and unique journey by transforming sound into matter/space: the hidden into something visible.

Click through the images to see the ‘soundscapes’ of songs by Einstürzende Neubauten, Antony & the Johnsons, Nick Drake, and Portishead.

The studio’s founder, Juan Manuel de J. Escalante will be giving a workshop in late September. Check it out if you’re in San Francisco.


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