Lightweight, Customizable, 3D Printed Stilettos

Lightweight, Customizable, 3D Printed Stilettos
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Continuum's shoes offer a technological take on the classic high heel.

Karen Baker
  • 23 august 2012

Crowd-sourced fashion line Continuum has always had a different approach to design. Calling themselves “fashion design for the digital age,” their line includes 3D printed bras and a D.dress app that lets you design, model and cut a little black dress that is completely your own.


To go with that personally-created dress, why not add a pair of custom-made stilettos? Continuum’s latest line, “strvct,” offers 3D printed shoes that reinvent high heels. Printed from mostly nylon, each pair features a patent leather inner sole and synthetic rubber bottom for traction.

The shoes are also customizable, letting the individual choose whether they should lean towards pumps, stilettos, flats, or somewhere in between. Black not your thing? Try orange.

Retailing for $900, the shoes combine traditional fashion materials with a digital-looking twist. At once extremely durable and tantalizingly lightweight, technology may introduce yet another revolution in the world of fashion design.


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