Campbell’s Soup Celebrates Andy Warhol With ‘Pop-Art’ Inspired Can

Campbell’s Soup Celebrates Andy Warhol With ‘Pop-Art’ Inspired Can

The limited edition cans celebrate the 50th anniversary of the artist's '32 Campbell's Soup Cans.'

Allie Walker
  • 31 august 2012

In what can only be described as full circle, Campbell’s Soup has introduced a line of limited-edition Andy Warhol inspired cans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans– a work of art, which, as the name suggests, celebrates the soup of the same name with 32 individual pieces of screenprinted art.

Campbell’s Soup isn’t exactly returning the favor in the same fashion- instead of 32 special-cans, they will only sell four pop-art inspired cans (all of the tomato soup variety). Available exclusively at Target starting September 2nd, the cans will be priced at a mere 75 cents, a steal compared to the thousands of dollars the real Warhol pieces fetch at auction today.

Warhol fans will also be able to get a ‘Pop-Art Portrait’ on Campbell’s ‘15 Minutes of Fame‘ Facebook app; upload a photo of yourself to get the Warhol treatment. The special-edition cans coincide with The Metropolitan Museum of Art Andy Warhol retrospective, Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years, which will open on September 18th.

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