Public Phone Booths Get Artistic Makeovers [Pics]

Public Phone Booths Get Artistic Makeovers [Pics]
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A telecom company in São Paulo, Brazil sponsors 100 artists to custom design pay phones.

Plus Aziz
  • 7 august 2012

Vivo, a Brazilian telecom company, is sponsoring a widespread public art project titled Call Parade. This São Paulo-based initiative is pairing 100 artists alongside 100 phone booths (aka “orelhões”). Each artist is presented with the fun challenge of transforming the fixture.

By visiting Vivo’s website, each entry can be voted on, found on Google Maps, and is associated with an artist bio and title. Participating artists ranged from designers and illustrators to jewelers and tattoo artists, both the young and the well-established. Click through the thumbnails below to see more of the makeovers.


Check out the full gallery here.

Call Parade

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