Bag Purifies Water On The Go Using Sunlight [Pics]

Bag Purifies Water On The Go Using Sunlight [Pics]

The Solar Bag uses UV rays to make clean drinkable H2O.

Yi Chen
  • 3 august 2012

Ryan Lynch and Marcus Triest have created a cheap and simple method of purifying water. The prototype Solar Bag is simply a handbag that uses SODIS (solar water disinfection) to purify water by utilizing the sun’s UV-A radiation. However, unlike most SODIS devices that need to be left still under the sun, the Solar Bag also works when the user is on the move.

The versatile Solar Bag is made from high-clarity polyethylene and black polyethylene, that allows the bag to purify up to 2.5 gallons (9.4 liters) of water in six hours of sunlight. The estimated cost of the bag is around $5, which makes it as a viable option to implement in remote villages where access to clean water is scarce.

Solar Bag



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