Skip Ticketmaster And Buy Tickets Directly On Bands’ Facebook Pages

Skip Ticketmaster And Buy Tickets Directly On Bands’ Facebook Pages

With Tikly, artists, venues and events can sell directly to fans without high fees.

Kyana Gordon
  • 28 august 2012

Band manager Emma Peterson founded online ticketing service Tikly with the intention of giving control back to artists and event promoters. Her approach is to keep charges low per ticket; compare Tikly’s fees of around 10 percent per ticket (with a max of $7.50) to the hidden fees and estimated 50 percent cut at established outfits like Ticketmaster. Fully integrated with Facebook, Tikly offers artists, venues and events the opportunity to sell directly from their Facebook page, without fans being re-directed to another site. Currently in beta, it already has 300 clients participating in the service.

Peterson created the site with true fans of live music in mind, envisioning the Tikly experience as the closest possible to being able to buy a tangible ticket. Each ticket features a name, description and images – much more than a button to click on. In the future, they hope to make the ticketing experience on the site even more interactive with streaming MP3s and the chance to buy band merchandise. Venues will eventually be able to pre-sell drink tickets to shows, making it that much more seamless for music fans.

Photo Credit: M.B.P. Captures


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