The fashion brand is providing all advertising on the Channel's global iPhone and iPad apps, and has placed digital billboards around cities featuring images and updates.

In a continuation of its ‘weather’ campaign and to capitalize on the British obsession with weather, Burberry has launched summer ads on digital billboards, social media platforms, and the Weather Channel’s iPhone and iPad apps.

According to Creative Review, the fashion brand has placed digital billboards in cities including London, Paris, New York, and Hong Kong, which update with images of London and the current weather. Burberry has taken over advertising of the Weather Channel’s mobile apps, where it is also showing imagery of London weather conditions. The apps feature banners that react to the conditions, with different products being promoted depending on whether it is sunny or raining. Weather-based imagery is also the focus of Burberry’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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