Burrito Cushion Design Puts A Twist On Napping

Burrito Cushion Design Puts A Twist On Napping
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Blandito is a transformable pad for lazy living and an interesting addition to casual interiors.

Plus Aziz
  • 2 august 2012

Blandito is a circular pad design that consists of intelligently placed balls and loops. The elegant and simple pillow, developed by Oradaria Design, allows for use by multiple people and a handful of relaxing or playful activities. When it hits the market, there will be two sizes for kids and adults.

Oradaria Design is a Florence-based experimental design group comprised of Ilaria Pacini, Arianna Petrakis and Gloria Pizzilli. The following excerpt from their website describes the types of projects they’re currently focusing on:

Gloria, Ilaria and Arianna love to collect fragments of normality, portions of daily routine to disassemble and reform, putting up a personal and new representation of every day life. Design as point of view and unexpected as beauty are the key factors of Oradaria’s formula: from research to innovation, from observation to testing, from communication to product design.

Click through the images below to see more photos of the comfy cushion.


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