Cardboard Furniture Perfect For College Students [Pics]

Cardboard Furniture Perfect For College Students [Pics]

SmartDeco offers low-cost, eco-friendly cardboard furniture to those who most crave it: college students.

Karen Baker
  • 23 august 2012

College is messy. Spilled cups of beer, late-night studying, and general cavorting in the dorms takes a toll on a college student’s furniture. Generally when students graduate, their weathered desks, chairs and dressers get left behind for the dumpster.

SmartDeco offers the perfect “green,” cost-effective alternative: cardboard. Their line of cardboard furniture is completely recyclable, meaning that students can simply recycle their desks when they move away. None of the products use screws or glue, instead using folding to create easy-to-assemble pieces of furniture. You can even order online for a compact box delivered straight to your home. As their website explains:

Life without SmartDeco:

Weekends wasted in furniture stores. Complicated assembly making you cry. Empty wallet. Overweight furniture that’s impossible to move.

Life with SmartDeco:

Order from the comfort of your home, have your lightweight furniture delivered to your doorstep, and easily assemble it in minutes without tools. No tools & no stress. You should probably start thinking about what you’re going to do with all that time and money you’re saving!

Think that cardboard furniture means flimsy furniture? Think again. SmartDeco shot a video on Venice Beach (a.k.a. “Muscle Beach”) pitting two of its desks together to see which could “lift” more:

Social, sustainable, and seamless, this is one trend that meshes perfectly with a niche market. Check out the images below to see more of the eco pieces.


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