Photographer Turns Delivery Truck Into A Giant Pinhole Camera [Video]

Photographer Turns Delivery Truck Into A Giant Pinhole Camera [Video]
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Ian Ruhter shoots beautiful film photographs using an ordinary vehicle.

Yi Chen
  • 22 august 2012

Ian Ruhter’s unique pinhole camera may not hang around his neck, but it’s easily as portable and takes fantastic photos. Ruhter has managed to transform an ordinary delivery truck into a working film camera with a giant lens. The camera is based on the simple concept of a pinhole where only a small point of light is let into a completely dark space to project an image on the back surface.

Ruhter and his team have traveled around the U.S. with the truck to take photos of passersby and the surrounding environment onto large format film plate. Although the camera is simple and doesn’t cost much to use, the materials involved in creating a single plate can cost more than $500.

Check out more about the hacked truck in the video below:

Ian Ruhter


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