Device Blocks Computer Access Unless Users Have Gone Biking

Device Blocks Computer Access Unless Users Have Gone Biking

PEO is a student concept design that limits your computer usage time depending on the distance you've traveled on your bike.

Emma Hutchings
  • 24 august 2012

PEO (Personal Energy Orb) is a small concept device developed by Janko Hofmann and Fabian Pammer for a course at the University of Munich. They wanted to create something that would support people trying to keep a balance between computer use and being outside doing sports or exercising.

It limits your computer usage time to a value generated from the distance you have travelled on your bicycle, to raise awareness of the amount of time spent in front of computers nowadays. The device forces its user to seek physical exercise in compensation for spending time on the computer. By using the computer with PEO connected, it’s energy level constantly decreases, slowing down the mouse speed.

Device Limits Access To Computer Based On The Amount Of Time You’ve Spent Cycling

When it drops to 0%, the mouse speed is on the slowest possible setting, in order to make operating the PC very annoying so you will want to recharge the device. You can attach PEO to you bicycle and go for a ride to increase its energy level again, or bike while you work to keep the charge at a decent level. Watch the video below to find out more:


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