App Gives Users Discounts And Rewards For Making Healthy Choices

App Gives Users Discounts And Rewards For Making Healthy Choices

'Good-for-you' foods have generally had a higher price tag than junk food, a fact that has helped create an obesity epidemic in America. But with Zipongo, shoppers can purchase healthy foods at a lower cost.

Allie Walker
  • 15 august 2012

Chances are, if you want to buy something these days, you can find a discount by purchasing a ‘daily deal.’ According to Yipit, an aggregator of the growing number of such sites, there are over major 850 daily deal sites that offer consumers discounts on anything from dining out at a local restaurant to purchasing the season’s latest trends or going on a vacation. There have even been daily deals for naming your unborn child.

While the plethora of daily deal sites can certainly give your wallet a much needed break, what if a daily deal site could also improve your health? Zipongo, a new player in the deals marketplace, is dedicated to helping Americans live a healthier life by offering deals that help them make better purchasing decisions. Similar to a Living Social or Groupon deal, customers can purchase items at a 50-90% discount through Zipongo; unlike popular daily deal sites, Zipongo’s deal are exclusively focused on healthy food items at local grocery stores. Zipongo also includes helpful information like nutritional facts and recipe suggestions with every offer.

Why enter the already crowded market? Zipongo founder Jason Langheier knows first hand how expensive, and often challenging, it is for a family to eat a balanced diet- he grew up clipping coupons with his sister just to make ends meet. As a doctor, he also knows the widespread prevalence of obesity in America– currently more than 35% of adults and nearly 17% of children in America are suffering from the disease. In a recent press release, he speaks about how he wanted to create a simple tool that would help families in need have better access to healthy choices, no matter what their income levels:

Zipongo’s mission is to empower fun, healthy living that is convenient and accessible; we want to measure our long-term success by our ability to improve quality of life, and prevent chronic disease… Most people feel their lives are too hectic to make discerning healthy decisions every day. Instead—the people who succeed at living well are those that consciously change their default daily environment and sources of information.

Zipongo is more than just another daily deal site- the site will expand later this year to become a personalized health plan for users. By helping to launch a lifestyle-based child weight management clinic at Boston Medical Center in 2001, Langheier learned that customized health care plans that worked with personal preferences and needs could help people manage their weight without the need for drugs.

Zipongo Life will use a user’s shopping history, health records, and medical history to offer them customized offers and rewards. Users with high cholesterol will be rewarded for choosing heart-healthy options, while those needing to lose weight will be rewarded for choosing low calorie foods. The all-in-one health app will also be a place where users can track their physical activity levels and sleep patterns- two very important pieces in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

By pulling in multiple data sources, users will be able to see a better overall snapshot of their health- and by integrating daily deals and rewards into the app, users will have the financial ability to make healthy decisions. These two factors- knowledge and money- are often cited as two major hurdles to living a healthy life; lack of knowledge about nutritional information can lead to ill-informed, unhealthy decisions, and the high financial cost of purchasing healthier foods can be prohibitive for many families. With the help of Zipongo and Zipongo Life, more people will be empowered to make healthy decisions, a move that could drastically help reduce obesity rates and increase wellness rates in America.


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