DIY Design A Camera Inspired By A Sardine Can

DIY Design A Camera Inspired By A Sardine Can
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La Sardina's custom edition lets buyers create a personalized, one-of-a-kind device.

Allie Walker
  • 9 august 2012

Looking for a new camera but don’t want to blend in with the crowd? Lomography, ‘a magazine, a shop, and a community dedicated to analogue photography,’ introduced the La Sardina last summer,  a 35mm, wide-angle camera  whose design was inspired by a sardine-can. The easy-to-use, battery free analogue camera is already available in a wide range of colorful offerings like the Capri, Guvnor, and Reptilia.

But for those wishing for an even more unique look (than already using an analogue camera in a sea of digital), La Sardina’s DIY edition fits the bill. Draw directly on the all-white face, or insert a picture, fabric, or even glitter under the transparent, detachable face – the camera even comes with a mini-screwdriver and downloadable design template to help you create the perfect design. At the Who’s Next fashion show in Paris, Lomography held a DIY workshop where four artists showed the unique possibilities with the camera, covering it with leather and wires, spray-painting it with graffiti, and even decorating it with duct tape and wires.

Watch a video of the creative possibilities with the blank-slate camera and scroll through some of the designs from the workshop below:

La Sardina

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