Traveling Dog Helps Showcase The Beauty Of The 50 States [Pics]

Traveling Dog Helps Showcase The Beauty Of The 50 States [Pics]

"Maddie On Things" is a photo series that tests the limits of physics and depicts the American countryside by snapping shots of the coonhound on increasingly precarious objects.

Karen Baker
  • 2 august 2012

“Maddie on Things” is an art project that features the photographer Theron Humphrey’s dog, Maddie, standing on top of random objects as they travelled together across the United States. Taken over an 11 month long period, the photos feature the coonhound in increasingly surreal and precarious situations.

“Maddie On Things” is an offshoot of Humphrey’s “This Wild Idea” project, where he spent the past year meeting and telling the story of one new person per day, ending today.

The photos depart from usual travel shots of mountains and highways, giving us a look at the often unexpected landscape of the country: Maddie striding two tree trunks high off the ground, Maddie balancing on top of a pole staring knowingly in the desert…

Stunning photos of mountains and trees aren’t the only way to showcase the nation, it seems.

Check out the gallery below for more shots of Maddie on things.


Maddie on Things








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