Electronic Nose Can Sniff Out Harmful Substances

Electronic Nose Can Sniff Out Harmful Substances

Researcher has created a device that can detect dangerous toxins.

Yi Chen
  • 23 august 2012

Nosang Myung, a professor at the University of California, has developed an ‘electronic nose’ that is able to detect quantities of harmful airborne substances. The prototype device was created by Nano Engineered Applications, and has the potential to be implemented in various applications such as agriculture, industrial sites, homeland security, and the military.

The gadget currently measures four inches by seven inches with an aim to make it even smaller to the size of a credit card. Even at that size, it can still detect up to eight toxins. Myung stated that, “This is a really important step. The prototype clearly shows that our research at the university has applications in the industry.”

University of California

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