Erase T-Shirt Designs By Putting Them In The Freezer [Video]

Erase T-Shirt Designs By Putting Them In The Freezer [Video]

The Shader Printer uses heat-sensitive technology to produce changeable designs.

Yi Chen
  • 10 august 2012

A team of researchers have come up with the Shader Printer, which is inspired by the concept of spatial augmented reality. The prototype device uses heat-sensitive technology to ‘paint’ products, such as clothes, shoes, and toys. A laser is used to heat the special surface coating to draw a visible design. The design can be easily erased by putting the object in the freezer overnight, and redrawn using the laser the next day.

The Shader Printer SiGGRAPH was developed by members from the Japan Science and Technoogy Agency, Keio University, the University of Tokyo, and MIT. Watch the video below for an explanation and demonstration of how the technology works.

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