New Facebook Tool Lets You Turn Your Photos Into Postcards

New Facebook Tool Lets You Turn Your Photos Into Postcards

The online social networking giant converges with the real world by giving users the option to share their pictures as physical cards.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 13 august 2012

Plans are now underway for Facebook to transcend the virtual world and connect with the real world through postcards drawn from the pictures of a particular user. Powered by Sincerely, the new concept tool lets Facebook subscribers send their own original photos and have them converted into real postcards; the photo will be displayed on the card’s front while a personalized message can be indicated in the back.

Upon incorporating the real address or corresponding Facebook page and contact information of the recipient, the sender may then shoot out the request to produce and deliver the postcards. The postcard tool is currently undergoing initial consumer testing, and a certain number of price points need to be studied and recognized before a proper price can be selected.


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