Zynga-Style Facebook Game Uses Your Family Ancestry To Create Characters

Zynga-Style Facebook Game Uses Your Family Ancestry To Create Characters

Family Village helps people discover their personal family history and create avatars of their ancestors.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 august 2012

Family Village aims to make the process of ancestry research more fun by combining it with social gaming. The Facebook game lets players create avatars of their own ancestors and find out more about them. According to TechCrunch:

Players can customize those avatars by dressing them in the style of clothing they would have worn during the time they were alive and can even tweak their features to resemble old photos or descriptions. As the game continues, the quests will be directly related to who that person was and what they may have been doing during their lifetime. For example, a Civil War era great-great grandfather may go to work as a soldier, which then generates in-game points. As players progress, they can collect awards, not in the form of meaningless virtual content, but in the form of actual historical documents.

Family Village Merges Your Ancestry Research With A Facebook Game

Players can build villages, collect coins, buy houses and cars, and assign jobs. As their virtual village grows, Family Village finds out the player’s family connections and documents such as census records, newspaper articles and marriage certificates. These can be examined, printed or stored in a personal game library. Check out the preview of Family Village below:

Family Village

Photo by Utah State Library

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