Norton’s new tool ‘Top Search’ lets anyone change the high ranked search result for themselves for free and link it to a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, personal blog, etc.

Internet security company Norton has introduced a new tool that lets anyone change the top Google search result for their name. According to them, 80% of employers and 50% of singles Google a person before they meet them in real life, which means that lots of people are getting their first impression of others based on what they find on the Internet.

‘Top Search‘ lets you protect your online reputation by taking control of your top search result on Google. The free service allows you to choose the URL you would like people to find when they search for you, like a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, or personal blog. Norton buys the rights to your name as a Google adword so the URL you pick appears at the top. You can also type in a headline and a description, before seeing a preview of what the search result will look like. Then you just need to verify your identity by connecting to your Facebook account and it will get published. You can check out an example in the video below:

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