The M-Velope is a functioning art structure that features slotted panels hinged to a main frame, so it can transform into various shapes and then close into a cube.

Michael Jantzen‘s ‘M-Velope' is a functional art structure and personal retreat that can change its form to adapt to a user's needs. The environmentally-friendly, pre-fabricated eight-foot cube is made of sustainably grown western red cedar wood, stained a sage green color.

The M-velope can be shipped either in one piece or multiple pieces, and once secured to the ground, it can be folded open into a variety of different configurations. Slotted panels are hinged to a main frame, so the user can fold the structure into whatever shape they want and then close it back up to make a cube. Some of the panels support benches that can accommodate 14 people, and a small solar panel can be added to the structure in order to power lights and small appliances. Click through to see pictures of the M-velope:

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