Bottle’s Built-In Blender Creates Naturally-Flavored Water

Bottle’s Built-In Blender Creates Naturally-Flavored Water

Making fresh fruit-infused water is easy with the Aqua Zinger.

Yi Chen
  • 28 august 2012

The Aqua Zinger looks like an ordinary water bottle, but a small food processor attached to the bottom can blend fruits and vegetables to add natural flavoring to water. Instead of buying flavored water or fruit juice, create strawberry-mint, mixed berry, or even cucumber water at home. Just add ingredients into the processor, attach it back to the bottle, fill the bottle with water, and shake. When you screw the attachment onto the bottle, the blades simultaneously grind the ingredients- the grinded pulp of the fruits and vegetables will seep through the mesh screen and infuse with the water.

The bottle was created by Aqua Anything and claims that letting the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes results in a better taste. The bottle includes a leak-proof cap so it can be conveniently carried around, and can brew cold or hot drinks. The Aqua Zinger comes in various colors and retails for $25.95.

Aqua Zinger

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