Interactive Fashionable Headdress Responds To The Wink Of An Eye

Interactive Fashionable Headdress Responds To The Wink Of An Eye

A high-tech headdress that is able to amplify flirty gestures with lighting displays.

Yi Chen
  • 24 august 2012

Batting your eyelashes is one way to send flirty signals, but for something a bit more direct and attention-grabbing, you can put on this wearable computer instead. The Blinklifier is created by artist Tricia Flanagan and looks like a head piece Star Wars’ Princess Leia would wear. The high-tech fashion item is embedded with LEDs and is able to translate blinks into a colorful lighting display.

The headdress doesn’t have any visible electronic components and works with a set of specially designed fake eyelashes that are connected to the head piece with skin-conductive ink drawn across the face.

Blinklifier was presented at the APCHI 2012 conference  in Matsue, Japan, and a poster paper explains that the headdress is able to “amply emotions that the wearer wants to communicate by presenting noticeable, exaggerated visual compositions.”

Tricia Flanagan


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