Hidden DVD Drive Lets Viewers Burn Artist’s Entire Exhibit

Hidden DVD Drive Lets Viewers Burn Artist’s Entire Exhibit

Visitors to the new installation by Aram Bartholl for the Museum of the Moving Image can have the whole exhibit for free, if they can find the secret portal.

Karen Baker
  • 16 august 2012

Before even stepping foot in New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image visitors will have access to Aram Bartholl’s latest works – if they can find them. The digital artist has installed a slot-loading DVD burner into the outside wall of the building, physically hidden save for a tiny slot. Visitors can canvas the building from morning till night until they stumble upon it, and once they do all they need is a DVD. Slip it in the slot and it will spit back out Bartholl’s exhibit, burned onto your disc.

The analog-digital nature of this hunt complements the artist’s earlier work with USBs, where he cemented flash drives into the side of public buildings for passers-by to connect to and explore. When the search for art is part of the exhibition itself, where does the experience begin? Exploring ways for people to engage with art both digitally and in person may be where the future of the museum lies.

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