Intel And Roman Coppola Want To Help Young Film Stars Get Their Start [Partner Content]

Intel And Roman Coppola Want To Help Young Film Stars Get Their Start [Partner Content]

W Hotels is partnering with the director and the mega brand to let rising filmmakers break out. Submit your screenplay to win.

Karen Baker
  • 23 august 2012

Sometimes all it takes to unleash a flood of creativity is a change of scenery.  The journey to your destination, time spent in solitude – these things free our minds, sharpen our senses and result in a flurry of imagination.  Intel and W Hotels understand the importance of travel as creative stimulus and have partnered with Roman Coppola and The Directors Bureau to empower a new generation of film makers to tell stories inspired by beautiful destinations and the trips taken to get to them.  To do so, they are launching a short film series and competition entitled Four Stories.

Hotels and travel have been the inspiration for some of cinema’s most enduring films. From Fellini to Truffaut, from Grand Hotel to Lost in Translation, the impulse to create in foreign lands has excited filmmakers for decades. Now it’s your chance to create a story with some of today’s most exciting filmmakers, at some of the most beautiful W Hotels in the world.

Submit a script for a ten-minute short film set in a W Hotel , featuring an Ultrabook as a key character in the script. Roman and a panel of judges will chose three screenplays that will be produced by Roman’s filmmaking company, The Directors Bureau, at one of five W Hotels destinations worldwide (Maldives, Doha, Barcelona, Mexico City, or Washington D.C.). The films will premiere at red carpet events in select W Hotels destinations worldwide and be distributed online.

Check out the video below for more information about the contest:

Here is an overview of the main requirements to enter the Four Stories competition. Please read the official rules for full details.

– Your script will be filmed at one of five extraordinary W Hotels destinations: Doha, The Maldives, Mexico City, Barcelona, or Washington D.C., so make sure that the story you tell takes advantage of the chic interiors and stunning designs of these specific W Hotels. Your script might be filmed at any of those five locations, so familiarize yourself with all of them!

– Your script must feature an Intel-inspired Ultrabook as a central component to the story. These ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive devices don’t compromise performance for mobility. How you incorporate the Ultrabook into your script is up to you, but remember that at the heart of Four Stories is the power of human relationships, and the ability to connect and create wherever and whenever inspiration strikes you.

– Your script should not exceed ten minutes in length. – Full competition rules can be found here.

There will be tons of videos to watch and stories to read along the way, including profiles of the judges, filmmakers, winning screenwriters, behind-the-scenes making-of videos, features on the best hotel stories in film history, and much more! Check back after you’ve submitted your script for news and updates. W Hotels, Intel & Roman Coppola want to advance a new generation of filmmakers.

Submit your script by 8/30 here. Time is running out!

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