iPhone Docking Station Doubles As A Flower Pot

iPhone Docking Station Doubles As A Flower Pot
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The Bloombox is an iPhone and iPod docking station with a natural acoustic amplifying design and space for a planter.

Alice Chan
  • 21 august 2012

A new Kickstarter project features an iPod/iPhone accessory that is both functional and stylish. The Bloombox, an Apple device dock that features a hollow frame for plants, is the brainchild of designer Nicholas Hyde. This dock was designed to have enough room to create a functioning environment for most small plants and also amplify the audio from the iPod or iPhone by 30 percent.

Hyde explains his design:

The Bloombox amplifies sound similar to those abundant wood blocks on Kickstarter in that it’s hollow, the main difference here is the bigger amount of empty space on our design, it wasn’t the original intention though, just happened that way. The difference is about a 30 percent increase in amplified sound. It also just kinda sounds nicer too. Au natural.

Made out of ceramic molds created at Mudshark Studio and painted with a light matte glaze in either white or black, the Bloombox brings some greenery into  your house, office, or anywhere else you might charge your Apple devices. The Bloombox is currently for sale on Kickstarter for a US$50 donation.

Check out the video below for more information:


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