Jenga-Like Table Can Be Adjusted By Pushing Pieces [Pics]

Jenga-Like Table Can Be Adjusted By Pushing Pieces [Pics]
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Versatile furniture can by changed by pushing or pulling out wooden pieces.

Yi Chen
  • 2 august 2012

Studio Intuseen has created the PixelTable, a versatile furniture that is made from smaller pieces of wooden blocks. The table’s shape and form can be easily changed just by pushing or pulling the blocks. A small resting table can be added just by sliding out a few pieces, while a storage shelf appears from pushing in a some blocks.

The small 45 cm square table is made from bamboo and reminds us of Jenga. However, unlike the game, the sturdy PixelTable won’t topple over if you pull out the wrong piece.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the interesting design.

Studio Intussen

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