Lego’s Denmark Office Slide Encourages Play While You Work [Pics]

Lego’s Denmark Office Slide Encourages Play While You Work [Pics]

The design of the Lego PMD workspace environment corresponds to its imaginative products with creative interiors and a playground atmosphere.

Kyana Gordon
  • 20 august 2012

PSFK Presents The Future Of Work

LEGO must be a really fun place to work – we are by no means suggesting that all employees do is sit around all day playing with blocks. In fact, having a glimpse at LEGO PMD, the company’s development department office in Billund, Denmark reveals how the designers are able to dream up of such inventive, colorful toys. The project was the undertaking of architects, Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord, and they had free reign to transform the open plan space into a playground focused on creativity, imagination, and innovation.

On the ground floor, designers are able to work closely with one another, thanks to an informal meeting space in the center of the room, encouraging social interaction and idea exchange. Also, lounge areas are sprinkled between individual workspaces, displays, model-building tables and a library of Lego pieces.

On the first floor, an expansion of the balcony has made room for eight glass-fronted meeting rooms, all painted a different bright color, with a view of the large, open space below.

Also on the first floor, an existing walkway has been transformed into an oversized sitting area, with light-blue cushions turning the walkway into a cloud. The cloud then unfolds and expands into sofas and informal meeting space, with a slide that connects the two floors (or as a fun way to escape from meetings).

As a design-focused workplace, cooperation and knowledge sharing is essential for the employees, and thus should be reflected in the interior design of the department. The new LEGO PMD is a playground where imagination is encouraged to run wild – both for children who play with the toys and the employees who design them.


All photos by Anders Sune Burg

PSFK is asking readers to submit their favorite places to work alongside their fellow employees. Is it a conference table, couch or cafe?

How does your own workplace stack up in comparison? Are there specific places where you go in your office to feed off the buzz generated by your fellow workers or do you prefer to do your best thinking over lattes at the local cafe? We’d like to hear where collaboration occurs in your own work day, so share your photographs, amazing examples of inspirational spaces and any other ideas we should be tracking.

The best response will win a Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Tweet us your ideas to @psfk using #FoW #collabspaces so we know who to credit.

Over the next 4-8 weeks we want to start a conversation around what you see as possible in the Future of Work.  Be sure to follow the conversation on PSFK and participate in the daily competitions.

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