Functional Electric Wheelchair Made From LEGO [Video]

Functional Electric Wheelchair Made From LEGO [Video]

World's first mobility assistance device created from toy building blocks.

Yi Chen
  • 2 august 2012

Simon “Burf” Burfield is a LEGO enthusiast; when he’s not developing iPhone apps, he’s creating moving LEGO robots. Recently, Burfield has claimed to have built the world’s first motorized wheelchair that can carry a person weighing up to 90 kg (198 pounds). The wheel chair is fully functional, complete multi-directional wheels and a joystick control.

The 40-pound LEGO wheelchair was created using six LEGO Mindstorms NXTs, 12 Mindstorms motors, 12 LEGO Mindstorms touch sensors, and 12 Rotacaster wheels. It’still remains to be seen if the wheelchair is practical and can handle outdoor conditions, as judging from the video below, the gadget is slow even on a flat polished surface.

Simon Burfield

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