Paris’s Louvre Museum Gets A New ‘Floating’ Roof

Paris’s Louvre Museum Gets A New ‘Floating’ Roof
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Designed to look like a floating sheet of silk--a reference to the Islamic headscarf--a new wing of the Louvre housing Islamic art is nearing completion.

Alice Chan
  • 8 august 2012

France’s famous Louvre museum is undergoing the first major architectural addition since IM Pei’s glass Pyramid in 1989. On September 22nd, the new Islamic Arts gallery will be unveiled along with a floating, iridescent roof that resembles golden silk. Named the “Golden Cloud,” the roof comprises of a woven steel veil over an undulating layer of glass, allowing views of the courtyard facades from inside the galleries. The new gallery, set in the courtyard of the Cour Visconti, will also be housed in a contemporary glass pavilion on two levels. According to Architecture Today, “the gallery at courtyard level will house works from the seventh to the tenth centuries while the second, in the basement – the ‘new’ ground floor – will exhibit works from the eleventh to the nineteenth centuries along with a collection of carpets.”

See the gallery below for more pictures of this new addition.



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