In Brief

Mango Health prepares to reinvent how Americans take doctor-prescribed drugs, and make sure that they actually do.

With the American healthcare system ailing, more and more are turning to mobile health (mHealth) to provide the cure. Even within the mHealth field, most of the innovation is happening in either personalized fitness – think fitbit – or  specialized equipment add-ons like cuffs to take your blood pressure. In other words, they are either for the very fit or the very not-fit. What about everyone in between?

San Francisco-based startup Mango Health releases an app in beta today that aims to help you stay on top of your health by staying on top of your medications and supplements. Designed by former social gaming execs, the app lets you earn discounts and rewards for sticking to your schedule and lets you compare your “performance” with that of people on the same medication. You can enter medications into a log by simply taking a photo; once logged the app will alert you whenever you add medications that may conflict with the one you’re taking.

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